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Urbex Siemensbahn Berlin

17/01/16 - Siemensbahn

January 15, 2016

Today I walked across the Siemensbahn, a 4.5 km stretch of S-Bahn that has been abandoned for over 30 years.

Originally, this line was created in 1905 by the company Siemens, as they had over

90 000 employees in Berlin that all had to come to work in Siemensstadt, it was useful to have an own line.

Since 1980, the line has been abandoned and shut off. While walking there, I saw nobody at all, except a fox. Unfortunately, he was too quick to take a picture.

I've added some pictures to the "Urbex" page.

For more information on the Siemensbahn:

Wikipedia (German)

Abandoned Berlin

Urbex Siemensbahn Berlin

23/01/16 - Abandoned Institute of Anatomy  Berlin

January 15, 2016

I visited the abandoned institute of anatomy in Steglitz today. Until 2005 this was part of the Freie Universität Berlin, but since they moved to another building nothing happens there anymore.

It was hard to get in, but I'm happy with the pictures I've made. You can see them here

Urbex Siemensbahn Berlin

20/04/16 - Pictures of Rügen and Güterbahnhof Pankow

January 15, 2016

I've uploaded some photos of my trip to the island of Rügen two weeks ago. Partly from the coastline (Travel and nature), but also from the abandoned military holiday complex in Prora (Urbex).

I also added some pictures from the abandoned ranging station in Pankow, these are also on the urbex page.