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About me

I am a self taught Belgian photographer, currently living in Berlin.  I first picked up a camera about ten years ago and quickly realized that photography is my passion.  

Having learned a lot about post-processing the last years, I was able to explore many directions and developed my own style.

I photograph scenes that catch my interest - mostly dramatic scenes that focus on a single focal point,  most of the time without a person in sight.  Most of them, and all work on this website, are monochrome.

It happens a lot that I take a picture, edit it a little a bit and lose interest in it - editing and creating the final work only after years sometimes. 

I like working this way, as it makes me review my choices and shows me that no photo is ever finished.  It also gives me the possibility to continue creating in times when I don't feel like picking up the camera. 

I will add new work on this website on a regular basis - but please follow me on Facebook and instagram. 



03.03. - 01.04.2020, Art-stalker Berlin:


Prints available - contact via the form on this site or e-mail me on [email protected]